At LICS, all our teachers and support staff are dedicated to helping our learners achieve their full potential as academics, sports people, and future world citizens. Our small class sizes help foster a professional relationship between our staff and learners constantly feedback that our ability to see the full individual and not just the grade is what sets us apart from other institutions. Learners regularly compete in national and international sporting events, entering, and winning literary competitions and year on year exceeding UK and international averages in their examinations. Our enrichment and co-curricular programmes ensure that all learners’ interests and passions are nurtured and celebrated as part of our school life. Student leadership is encouraged through Sports, Student Council and Prefects Body to foster responsibility, organisation, and management skills to help prepare students for university.

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In years 7-9 (Key Stage 3) learners follow the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme that ends formally with their international Checkpoint exams in the second half of year 9 in English, Mathematics and Science. For subjects that do not have formal Checkpoint exams, students follow a similarly structured course matching the Cambridge values and skills closely. Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme is a vital programme as it helps prepare students for the Cambridge IGCSE programme which learners follow in years 10 and 11 (Key stage 4). Upon completion of IGCSE examinations, High School students receive world-recognised qualifications and an education that sets them on a path towards success. Learners then undertake Post-16 Cambridge AS and A-level courses in years 12 and 13 (Key stage 5) and this qualification leads to tertiary studies in colleges and universities.

Learners should be prepared for more than just their examinations, we believe that the Cambridge Assessments International Exams board’s ideals match our own in this respect with a wide and rich array of courses and unmatched curriculum content being offered. This, alongside our push on understanding global citizenship, involvement in the Educational Outreach Programme, participation in the Duke of Edinburg Award and the excellent work of our student support departments (careers and university guidance, counselling, and academic support). We have a holistic approach to learning, equipping our students with important life skills and 21st Century skills.

Pastoral Care

Student well-being underpins the successful education of the “whole” child. For this reason, LICS Secondary has a structured pastoral programme devoted to the holistic care of our students. Key Stage leaders work closely with a team of Class Tutors, the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and the school Counsellor to ensure that we comprehensively understand our students so we can provide maximum support. Students also sit the Cambridge Wellbeing Test which gives us a great understanding of their wellbeing. This informs the support and interventions we develop based on a need basis.

Student well-being is supported in many ways, from the positive interaction between a student and a member of staff to house activities that bring students together across years, to events such as Cultural Week which celebrates the diversity of our school community.

Pastoral care is also part of the curriculum offered at LICS. We provide PSHE (Personal, Social, and Health Education) through a comprehensive scheme of work covering themes such as resilience, physical and emotional health, dreams and goals, finances, and social and employability skills:

  • discerning and mindful human beings willing to participate as positive citizens
  • solution-focused individuals – knowing how and when to solve their own problems, and when to seek help
  • resilient, caring people – caring for one’s self and others
  • questioning and challenging minds that want to learn
  • emotionally literate individuals with the self-knowledge for self-efficacy

The PSHE programme is delivered by form tutors who meet with their tutees daily. During scheduled pastoral time, tutors also strive to foster a ‘community within a community’ atmosphere in which they celebrate learner successes, support individuals through challenges, supervise activities that build caring relationships, and maintain oversight of the academic and social-emotional well-being of their tutees.

School Counsellors

The social and emotional counsellor plays a key role in promoting well-being, providing care for the entire student body as well as offering small group and one-on-one counselling for those in need. We have recently introduced a ‘well-being’ bulletin, that addresses important areas of our students’ wellbeing.

Student Success Services

The Student Success Team offers their services to students throughout secondary school. Our team works in tandem with teachers in all areas of the curriculum and provides in-class learning support specifically tailored to address a range of learning, language, and behavioural needs.

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