Canteen Services

We, Elle and Charlotte have an intimate approach to the business We love. We have been in the food industry for more than 25 years, working in a variety of restaurants, and have a vast experience in international school settings.  We believe strongly that you eat with your eyes – so the appearance of every dish must be just as amazing as the eating experience.

Our Catering Service at the LICS Tuck-shop provides hot and cold drinks, healthy, and nutritious meals. From healthy Vegetarian sandwiches to crackers the Tuck shop offers snacks in line with the standards of the LICS Community. Our Canteen offers warm meals to learners, staff, and parents at an affordable price. We believe that school meals should be made from fresh ingredients that are healthy, sustainable, and traceable and wherever possible we include seasonal and local produce. In response to both the growing diversity in our society and the individual need of children, our staff are experienced in providing specific dietary need-based meals. We pride ourselves in providing product quality and food safety.  “A home away from home”.  That’s our goal.

Contact Details and Orders

Please feel free to contact us on the number below to place orders via WhatsApp or text message for our records:

  • Phone Number: (+260) 978 996 363
  • Email:

Kindly note that all hot meals orders are to be made no later than 9:00am.

Modes of Payment

In order for us to give you as parents the best service and to monitor payments better a few changes have been put in place. Please note that the tuck-shop and Canteen will be accepting cash as a mode of payment for snacks and refreshments.

Below are the Payment modes.

  • Mobile Money transaction number: (+260) 978 996 363

(Please only send money to this number and confirm with a message thereafter)

  • Bank Name: FNB Acacia Park
  • Account Name: Charlottes Catering
  • Account number: 63014851223


We send out a 3 week alternating menu to keep the learners excited about different options. For the canteen hotmeals we will provide chicken, beef and vegetarian dishes. Learners with allergies or special food requirements can also be catered for like nut free, gluten free, dairy free etc. Kindly inform us in advance and we will prepare accordingly.

Below is the Hot Meal and Snack Menu.