Which year group will my child be placed in?

Candidates for admission to LICS will be placed by age into the appropriate year group. Once you have provided the Admissions Office with a fully completed application with all the required supporting documents and the intended date of admission the Admissions Secretary will confirm the year that the student could be accepted into at LICS. If the student’s current placement is different from the one in our year group allocation according to age, the appropriate Principal will give their recommendation. In special cases a lower or higher grade can be recommended, and only if it best suits the needs of the child and meets the basic requirements of the LICS Admissions Policy.

To be enrolled in pre-primary, learners must have turned 1 year old by the 1st of September. The minimum entry age to Reception would be 4 years by 1st September. Potty training is not an admission requirement for learners in the Pre-Primary School.

There is no application deadline. We enroll students throughout the academic year.

Our academic year closely adheres to the northern hemisphere school calendar and starts in August and ends in June.

The Registration Fee is a non-refundable payment that enables us to cover the administrative costs of the application process. Re-entering and re-applying students must also pay the Registration Fee.

he Security Deposit is a refundable payment that will be refunded when students withdraw, provided a full term’s notice of withdrawal is given. Deductions may be made for any losses or damages to school property.

The Capital Development Fund is assigned to a fund specifically created to finance capital investments. This fee is a once-off non-refundable payment for all new enrolments. Returning LICS students who leave and return do not pay the Capital Development Fund again. Pre-Primary School enrolments are only expected to pay USD 500.00 of the Capital Development Fund and the balance paid before entry into Primary School.

The tuition fees cover academic tuition and after school activities that are offered by LICS staff. Activities that are arranged on campus by outside providers carry an additional charge but learners benefit from having everything provided safely to them on campus.

LICS has approximately 630 students and we proudly represent 42 different nationalities. As per our Admissions Policy, our classes are capped at 25 students per class and we have two classes per year group.

Class sizes in the Pre-Primary School conform to the stipulated child-adult ratios as defined in the EYFS Statutory Framework.

The LICS Pre-Primary School follows the Engish Early Years Foundation Stage 0-5, Statutory Framework. Primary and Secondary follow the Cambridge Curriculum with Year 6 Cambridge Checkpoint examinations, Year 9 Cambridge Checkpoint examinations, Year 10 – 11 IGCSE examination years (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and Year 12 – 13 A Level examinations.

LICS has a homely, comfortable canteen which is independently run by an external service provider. There is a 3-week alternating menu to keep the learners excited about different options. Included is an over-thecounter option that serves delicious wholesome on-the-go eats.

For the canteen hot meals, they provide chicken, beef and vegetarian dishes. Learners with allergies or special food requirements can also be catered for like nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.

All food offered is cooked and baked freshly on campus and dietary requirements can also be catered for. The canteen/tuckshop is run on a cashless system with all learners but cash payments are allowed as well.

At LICS we have an extensive after-school activities schedule that caters for all interests.

We coach five competitive sports at LICS namely football, swimming, hockey, netball, and basketball. We are proudly the Warriors and we thrive on dedication and good sportsmanship. Every learner no matter their level, has access to the sports activities offered at LICS.

We are incredibly proud of our LICS Arts Academy which offers a wide range of instrument tuition, dance, choir, and band experiences for our learners.

LICS also offers a selection of enrichment clubs where learners develop skills and enjoy a balance in their academics.

We are also very proud of our Pre-Primary School after-school activities programme which provides a wide variety of activities each term to the littlest of our LICS learners.

We are a suburb school in Roma that boasts a beautiful campus including spacious classrooms with e-beams for interactive learning, Pre-Primary, Primary, and Secondary ICT labs, a 25m swimming pool, a junior pool for our Pre-Primary School learners to develop their water skills, two astro turfs, semi in-door hardcourts, and a wonderful Arts Academy – we welcome you to come and visit us!

We proudly represent our school by wearing LICS uniform. All uniforms can be purchased from our uniform shop which can be found in the Hub on campus.

Pre-primary – Green07:0\30 – 13:00
Pre-Primary Blue – Yellow classes07:30 – 13:30 with options for afternoon activities till 15:45
Pre-Primary Reception classes07:30 – 13:30 with options for afternoon activities till 14:30
Primary classes07:25 – 13:30 with options for afternoon activities till 15:45
Secondary classes07:25 – 14:40 with options for afternoon activities till 15:45

Zambia is a relatively safe country. Despite this, the safety of learners is of utmost importance to LICS. Once the gates are closed after the start of school, all visitors are logged in by security personnel and issued a visitor’s ID card which has to be worn on campus and re-submitted to security personnel at the point of exit. Parents and other authorized people have a personal ID card giving them access to the school. The school grounds and all entrances are 24/7 CCTV monitored.

LICS does not offer a bus service for pick-up and drop-off. The school bus is used for school trips and sporting activities.

At LICS we really value and appreciate our parent’s involvement on any level. We have an active Parent Teacher Association which provides support for our many exciting yearly school activities. We have a unique community culture at LICS which we are extremely proud of.